Silvana Suarez Clarence

Silvana was born in Cordoba Argentina in 1958.

She learned different artistic techniques from childhood by being near the workshops of her parents: the sculptor Horacio Suarez Serral and muralist Norma Clarence. She studied music in high school after which she became the music teacher and choir coach at the age of 18. She was part of “Choir of Cordoba Children” for 10 years. She also studied architecture at the UCA. She also competed in a beauty pagent and became Miss World 1978 in London.

Silvana studied painting with the renowned Italian Mara Marini in Buenos Aires. She participated in the workshop of Lupe Barcelo. In recent years, she was mentored by teacher Edgardo Gimenez, a published author of several books of art.

Last year, Silvana dedicated herself to the art of wool and is making art in the form of tapestries.

She exhibits at her own gallery in Traslasierra Cordoba Nono.

“Since birth, art has been in the very air that I breathe. I grew up in the workshops of my parents who were artists. At the National University of Córdoba I played music while they were teaching. My new love is for felt-work, and the age-old technique of tapestries. In art I feel like a fish in water. It’s my real home. I wish to convey that maybe you can live in an atmosphere that comes from the soul.”