Lola Erhart

The word emotion, from which derives the term emotional condition, comes from Latin and means ‘move’, ‘take action’. This is where you can say that emotion is both a biological and psychological reaction of an individual to a certain type of situations or phenomena that influence their behavior or conduct.

Painting for me represents a series of brief moments, where the body becomes possessed by emotionality, and when that moment is gone, silence and adrenaline take over.

The path leading to the accomplishment of my work is composed of intuitive impulses. These impulses are triggered by personal experiences, which in turn, are purely human symptoms: desire, suggestion, pleasure, insecurity, egotism, fear.

It all starts with an encounter with the person that will be portrayed. This experience in itself awakens a variety of these human symptoms. The person I choose is not a professional model; I choose friends, or even strangers. In this encounter, between observer and observed, some of this symptoms emerge. A door opens towards the intimacy of the other. At this point is where the photographic documentation takes place.

Next comes painting, and drawing, and painting, and drawing again, successively; because for me they are the same thing, they contrast, they defy, they complement, they sustain each other.

I walk through this process savagely; painting becomes an action dominated by emotions. I paint rapid and dynamically, leaving no room for doubt, or insecurity. Every decision I take arises from an intuitive and spontaneous impulse, from the beginning to the end.
The figure serves as a frame to support emotionality, such as in life.