Javier De Aubeyzon

Growing up, Javier de Aubeyzon’s creative outlet was skateboarding and surfing, both of which he continues today. It is through this love of the ocean, that he is able to establish a primal connection to nature. This has led to a sense of man’s responsibility or stewardship over the environment. Javier is also a practicing architect and it is through studying the built environment that he becomes aware of the beauty and conflict inherent in urbanism when juxtaposed with nature.

Through painting, Javier explores the push-pull of man’s relationship with nature and the environment. This can range from awe over nature’s raw beauty, as seen in his “Natural Environmental Landscapes” series of oil paintings where he depicts anything from icebergs to a breathtaking view of the earth with the sun reflecting off its surface. In the “Natural Environmental Landscapes” series he examines what’s at stake when we talk about the environment and global warming; this can be anything from marine life to glaciers, two casualties of climate change. Javier is from Argentina which contains Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, the Southernmost city in the world and one of the coldest.

Javier also has a series called “Urban Industrial Landscapes.” Here he might show a marvel of civilization, such as a seaside industrial landscape containing a hydropower plant, an expression of man harnessing nature for his own benefit. The rate of change is dangerous. Javier depicts the technological advance as one that is sinister and some of his paintings have a post-apocalyptic feel. He also often depicts the trash and detritus of society, consumption and obsolescence.