Flavio Bisciotti

My formal training is as an architect.

My creative drive finds its expression in mixed-media works based on loose associations and my present situation.

There is a dialogue that happens between my past and present self. I often will revisit my earlier sketchbooks and paintings. Whereas I was once meticulous and restrained with my mark making, I now find that my ideas, translated through my hand onto the page or the canvas, have a greater freedom and fluidity. I am able to go back to a moment in time and layer on top of it shapes, colors and images. I enclose ephemera into my paintings, things that I find in my day-to-day life and things I have collected throughout the years.

I am revisiting past obsessions and finding completion in the present.

My artwork and my identity are in a constant state of evolution. Through the act of making, I am conducting research that in turn moves me forward.