Claudia Leyerer

Claudia is a self-taught Austrian artist painting acrylic on canvas. Her style is figurative with abstract influences as well as cubism. The colors the artist uses are strong and striking but always in harmony, incorporating the emotional aura of the painting.



When Claudia started painting it was “just for fun” and it took her only a few small paintings to realize that this activity fulfilled her. Painting is her way to disconnect with the material world, focusing on her thoughts and feelings, transmitting good energy, and she also sees it as a kind of personalized meditation concentrating only on the brushes.

Living between Los Angeles, Marbella, Punta del Este and Vienna connects Claudia to many different mentalities and cultures. She loves painting faces – it is not only the look of the face, it is the eyes showing this special gaze, which makes the painting talk to the observer, causing individual interpretations of the message behind this face.