Carlos Uria (1929 – 2007)

Born in Buenos Aires, he spent his childhood in the bohemian town of Baracas. Uria started painting and drawing at the age of eleven. After finishing his studies in art, he was an art teacher, as well as a working artist. Over his lifetime he received many national honors and awards, such as, a National First Prize in Drawing, and a National Grand Prize of Honor which is the Argentina’s Highest Honor in the arts, a Palais de Glaze award, and a New Experiences in the Arts award, a Bona Fide Foundation award.


“Uria’s drawings model a certain expressionism, full of artistic value, yet irrational and disruptive. Shapes float freely in his canvases that disturb all stillness in the Argentine Arts”
– Marta Traba, Columbia – Bogota Modern Art Museum Director