Alejandro Varela

The origin of things, the beginning of us ourselves.
There, where we can detect the lack, the learning, the mistake, the wise move.
The same place where we learned to blame and were blamed, we pointed out and were marked, all of us, excused by ignorance of childhood in its rush of growing. From the place where the questions begin, we can answer them again today, different, more accurate.

Supported at a time where the action to see, replaces the sensory experience in its totally.
Subtle destiny that’s transport us far, to the unreasonableness, wasteful up to the nullity. The provoked inaction, the autistic conceptual gesture, in response to the invasion of accumulated information, constructor of virtual, paralyzing, drained paradigms. I conclude then, to take advantage of this plenty of informed images, in order to tell a story as humanly as possible, close to reality, through it, palpable.